Renovating an existing home can be every bit as complex and difficult as building a new one, so an owner’s relationship with the builder is crucial in both cases.  Throughout the 2+ years required to complete the renovation of my home, Structural Associates worked closely with me, my architect, city & country officials and various subcontractors to achieve my goals. Communication with the firm was consistently open and candid and I found working with Structural Associates an important part of the project’s success – BOTH with my original house, which was built 25 years ago, as well as the remodel which was done two years ago.

BUT – equally important – has been the maintenance of my home over the last 25 years!  The only reason I decided to remodel my home  was to “update the look” not because I “needed to” for structural reasons!!   I’ve always been able to count on the Maintenenace Department of Structural Associates to address my concerns promptly – no matter what the size of the problem may be. The Maintenance team is always available by phone or email  or messaging and if they can’t solve the problem they know exactly whom to contact from their vast experience of constructions/maintenance in the RFV.  More often than not there’s someone from the maintenance team in the vicinity so the response is immediate!