Structural Associates Company distinguishes itself within the construction industry by offering a unique set of benefits to our clients and partners. These benefits arise from our commitment to blend the strengths of our resources with our culture of personalized service. It is through this successful balance that Structural Associates (SA) can continue to deliver the highest quality of care and craftsmanship in a timely and value conscious manner.

Project Commitment:

Each Structural Associates principal commits to a maximum of three projects under full construction at any given time. The SA Team, led by a Field Superintendent and Project Manager, is dedicated to the project from pre-construction through completion.

This singular focus benefits our clients and trade partners by providing consistent communication and eliminates handoffs from an estimating department or to finishing personnel. It is through this project commitment that SA continues to provide each project with the highest level of personal service and attention to detail, ensuring the timeliness and quality of its construction.


Organizational Efficiency:

By combining the skills and experiences of SA’s personnel with our thirst for continuous improvement, as well as our use of the latest communications and production technologies, Structural Associates presents its clients and partners with industry leading results.

Efficiency maximization starts with a team of custom builders and commercial contractors that can envision the full scope of the project, as well as all of its details. This experience leads to clearly defined goals and milestones, including setting the proper expectations. Efficiency then improves through our constant research and testing of new materials and methods.

Finally, SA remains dedicated to facilitating clear and constant communication between our client, design professionals, and trade partners, as this is the single most critical aspect in achieving the project’s goals. As a result of Structural Associates’ dedication to and investments in improving organizational efficiency, our clients and trade partners are assured that every project will meet or exceed all expectations.

Trade Partners and Supply Network:

SA believes that the creative process of custom construction should be a team effort. Our relationships with our trade partners have continued to evolve since 1982. Coupled with Structural Associates’ knowledge and tenacity in finding the right material and right process at the right price, the team approach ensures that the highest quality will be achieved at a value.

The SA team structure fosters the sharing of knowledge to define the best options and provides the basis for the effective management of our network of pre qualified trade partners for maximum buying power, committed scheduling, and excellence in execution.

Simply put, SA can deliver whatever you and your design team can envision, providing clients with the individualized architecture and unique construction materials that they expect and deserve.


Lifetime of Service:

Structural Associates’ commitment to active service continues for the life of your home. Through home remodeling and maintenance, our dedicated service professionals have the history and knowledge to keep our clients’ investments in top condition, providing them with the peace of mind that allows them to enjoy it in comfort.

As testimony to our build quality and customer service, we continue to maintain over 85% of the homes and ranches we have built since 1982, including many that have changed ownership and some that are are occupied by their fifth owners.

Our experience in these matters not only benefits our past builds but also our future builds, as we leverage our service learnings to maximize our next client’s ownership experience.