150 New Best of the Best House Ideas

Written By Macarena Abascal Valdenebro |  2020
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Maroon Creek | 5,500 sq ft | Brewster McLeod Architects | Aspen, Colorado, United States | ©David Patterson

The homeowners saw the property’s unique potential and enlisted Jamie L. Brewster McLeod to transform it into a gallery for their extensive art collection. The renovation focused on keeping the simple, elegant feeling of the original structure while using modern elements to bring in more light and enhance the mountain views. The biggest impact on the space was achieved by raising the roof in the living room, which doubled the room’s height, gave it a butterfly roof, and added larger windows. Additional design elements throughout the renovation were driven by the homeowner’s art collection and the desire to maintain the character of the original structure.

The original fireplace, a focal point of the house, was refinished in board form concrete to enhance the modern feeling.

The coexistence between the rustic and the modern is reflected in the design of the furniture and the material used.












The stairway was designed around a striking collection of black-and- white photographs, while the master bedroom was redesigned around an original art piece that was purchased with the property.







In this children’s bedroom, with capacity for eight, the wallpaper with tree trunk design, the bunk beds, and the wooden walls create the illusion of sleeping in a forest cabin.