Should you buy an existing home or build a new one?

This is the question that all homebuyers have to face at some point or another. Many people choose to buy existing homes, and while this can be a great option, there are many benefits to having a custom home built for you. At Structural Associates, we are proud to say that our custom home builders can help you get the home of your needs, and we have come up with this list of a few of the many reasons why you should have a custom home built for you and your family:

#1. The house will be built just for you!

This is one of the biggest benefits of building a custom home. If you buy an existing home, you may have all of the amenities you need, but that house was not built with you in mind. When you built a custom home, everything from the floor plan to the colors will reflect your style and personality.

#2. You can plan for your future. 

When you work with our builders to design your new home, you should not only consider your present situation, you should also consider your future! Your home should be able to accommodate for your needs now and in the future!

#3. You’ll have one on one contact with the builder.

When you buy an existing home, you don’t have the chance to talk to the builder, and you may not even have any idea who the builder is! This means that your home was built by someone you don’t know. With a custom home, you’ll have one on one contact with your builder throughout every step of the process.

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